Low Income Internet Services in Atlanta

Gone are they days where internet was a luxury accessible only to a few. With time and advances in technology, the internet has become accessible to many, and in many ways, a necessity. Many people use the internet instead of cable tv, our homes have become increasingly connected and reliant on the internet. Many of today’s modern jobs rely on the internet, giving it a dual purpose of both business and pleasure. As the internet becomes more and more important in people’s daily lives, prices set by internet providers have risen. But as prices have risen, so too have deals for low income internet services.

Low-Income Internet Plans

If you are worried about rising monthly internet costs you aren’t alone.  With the internet’s prevalence in our daily lives more and more people are feeling their wallets lighten to keep this essential service. While not everyone will qualify for a low income internet plan, almost every internet provided has some sort of low income plan in place for those who are eligible. For low income internet plans your eligibility will be determined by your household income. Many low income plans also come with special equipment installment plans at a low price or no cost. If you are worried that you cannot afford internet, be sure to inquire about any low income offers your internet provider may have.

Locating an Internet Provider

Finding an internet provider can be a tricky task for a variety of reasons.  The first is that while there are usually many Internet Service providers in any given region, they have differing zones of coverage and service.  Some ISPs may not offer full high speed coverage in your area, or may have increased charges. Another reason that finding the right ISP may be a difficult task is that in many areas there are only one or two options available, restricting your choices. While some phone companies also offer internet services, the internet connection provided is often not quite as good as a dedicated carrier. When looking for an ISP make sure you research their coverage area, service record, prices, and low income deals.  If there are multiple providers in your area ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Your Options in Atlanta:

When you are looking for an Internet provider in Atlanta you have plenty of options, more than much of the rest of the state.  Atlanta is the second most internet connected city in the state, with more than 10 available internet provider options.  You have the big names in internet, AT&T and XFINITY (Comcast) which cover the majority of the city.  There are also smaller providers with great service but reduced coverage areas, such as Windstream, EarthLink, Google Fiber, Charter Spectrum, and Mediacom.  You have plenty of options when it comes to Atlanta internet service.

Internet Provider Services

Internet Providers offer two main forms of internet service. The first, DSL service, uses existing phone lines to provide your home with internet connection. DSL can be further divided into two sub categories, ADSL and SDSL. ADSL has slower upload and download speeds, but is usually the cheaper option. Modern DSL services are capable of up to 100 Mbps in download speeds. 

A more common form of internet connectivity is through a cable broadband system. Using the same cables as cable tv, your house is wired and connected to the internet, allowing you to use ether net cables or wi-fi to connect your devices. Download speeds tend to be similar to DSL, however, cables generally provide a noticeable benefit to DSL service.

A third, and more recent option offered by most Internet Service is fiber optic service. Fiber Optic is the best of the three options, offering the fastest upload and download speeds. If you live in an area with none of the previous options available to you may be able to get wireless internet through a cell phone service provider, but wireless internet is generally slower and has company set monthly usage limits.